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Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses have been a threat since 1971 when the first virus Creeper was invented on the ARPANET. (Pre Internet “Internet”) Since then they have continued to wreak havoc on billions of computers. Viruses often nowadays hide themselves as links in a fake E-Mail often known as a “phishing scam” When the link is clicked you give the virus access to run on your system. Afterwards each virus acts a different way. It can cause pop ups, delete or lock files, pester you to buy something and more. Having software to prevent this eliminates most of the headache.

The difference: Viruses and Spyware/Malware/Adware/etcware

The main difference between the above is how they act program wise. Viruses self replicate and infect computer to computer, whereas the rest are downloaded (usually) by an illicit link. Viruses are usually meant to destory whereas the rest are meant to steal information or get you to buy something.

What can I do?

Admin Net Tech can eradicate and get you up in running in no time. We offer two programs that between the two you will be fully covered. Don’t be fooled by “paid for” anti virus programs. These are ploys to buy software with extra features you usually won’t use as well as for companies to get that extra dime. We at Admin Net Tech install our Anti-Virus of choice free for a customer who purchase our removal options. We also offer a 2nd program that is a for purchase program that protects you from Spyware and friends. Programs that claim to do both have been found not to work by many publishing magazines.